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Penny and Rebekah grew up in Iowa and Connecticut and now both reside in Iowa. After blogging independently, they decided to join forces to create a more diverse blog site encompassing all their creative interests while encouraging others to explore and develop their own unique, creative talents. 

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Penny - My favorite job is being mother to my three adult children! But I like to mother other things as well - plants, children, and sometimes, Bekah. And like any mother, I like to feed people because food is my love language!  My other hobbies include reading, sewing, gardening, singing, and creative problem solving. I may be addicted to Shutterfly.

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Rebekah -

I live in a DINK (Dual Income; No Kids) household with my husband, 2 dogs and cat. When I'm not at work, I enjoy reading the library alphabetically, hitting up local cultural events, learning new languages and watching British TV or Sci-Fi.  Music fuels my life, whether it's playing keys for church, performing in musical theater or listening to cheesy Euro-pop.

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