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cherry coffe cake cover - Cherry Coffee Cake

Cherry Coffee Cake

Rich, biscuit-like coffee cake oozing with sweet cherry filling and dripping with vanilla glaze! A great dessert, or dare I say it, a decadent breakfast? Whether you call it breakfast or dessert, call your tribe to come eat it while it’s hot! Believe it or not, I don’t even like cherries! I grew up hating […]

C16 e1518836169722 - Estonian Door Photos

Estonian Door Photos

Have you ever planned a really easy project and then just never done it? Six and a half years ago, we were gifted a collage photo frame, and I’ve always known that I wanted to use it to feature one thing: Estonian doors. Some of you know from reading the blog that my husband and […]

Logomakr 6Vbt8E - Sheriff


When I think of the word sheriff, I think of one of two things: the Sheriff of Nottingham from The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood or the Bob Marley song I Shot the Sheriff. This week, the word came up in conversation and I realized just how odd it looks to have an English word ending in f, […]

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