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Logomakr 6Vbt8E - Sheriff


When I think of the word sheriff, I think of one of two things: the Sheriff of Nottingham from The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood or the Bob Marley song I Shot the Sheriff. This week, the word came up in conversation and I realized just how odd it looks to have an English word ending in f, […]

new robot cover - Origami and Lego Shadow Boxes

Origami and Lego Shadow Boxes

I’ve always thought I would use shadow boxes for displaying baby booties or bibs, but when we were dismantling and uncluttering Eli’s bedroom in the fall I fell in love with these lego robots he had created. They were too stinking cute to disassemble or stash away and since I knew I also had an […]

pumpkin black bean cover - Pumpkin Black Bean Soup

Pumpkin Black Bean Soup

This is my most requested recipe. It smells amazing as it cooks and tastes like nothing else in this world! Love it! And it’s so easy! Which makes it even better! It’s vegetarian, can easily be made vegan, and you won’t miss the meat! If you were visiting and I made this soup for you, […]

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